Alert on the need for sufficient syringes for vaccination


A recent opinion piece in the Washington Post, signed by, among others, Dr. Margaret Chan, former Director-General of WHO, expresses concern that the global effort to vaccinate against COVID-19 could be jeopardized if unsafe

injections are given. More than 15 billion doses will be needed to vaccinate a large proportion of the world's population. However, this may mean that in some countries, due to the lack of, or difficulty in accessing disposable syringes, syringes could end up being reused. According to the article, if this happens, more than two million lives could be lost, and more than 40 million people could be infected with blood-borne diseases. Billions of syringes are needed specifically for COVID-19 vaccines, which in turn must not hinder regular immunization programs or the regular use of syringes in health care. It is essential that vaccine donations to countries also take into account, in the planning process, the availability or donation of an adequate supply of syringes. 


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