Consolidated information on AEFI, serious AEFI, and deaths following administration of COVID-19 vaccines administered in the Region of the Americas


  • A total of 497,844,928 doses of COVID-10 vaccine were administered in 49 countries and territories. Countries that have not reported adverse events or that have not given abreakdown of vaccines administered are not included. The numbers of doses administered shown in the table are those for which there was information on the vaccine used and for which adverse events were reported.
  • Reported rates are calculated with a maximum range of variation of one week (doses administered vs. events). These figures are subject to adjustment.
  • The sources for doses administered are country reports, and are given in PAHO's Regional vaccination dashboard.
  • The sources for reported events are: (1) public reports; (2) data that have been adjusted after contact with the countries; and (3) VigiBase (Uppsala Monitoring Center).
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